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Fire Safety Code, Rhode Island


Greetings and welcome to the Rhode Island Fire Safety Code Board of Appeal & Review web site.

The Rhode Island Fire Safety Code sets forth the fire safety requirements for all buildings in the state, new and existing, and has recently been converted into the new RHODE ISLAND CODE OF REGULATIONS (RICR) format. The older format can be viewed by section on this site under the "Rules and Regulations" tab.

To view or download the current code in the new RICR format, use the following links:

  1. 450-RICR-00-00-1 / Fire Safety Code Sections 1 through 6: click >>>here<<<
  2. 450-RICR-00-00-7 / Fire Safety Code Section 7 (RI Fire Code): click >>>here<<<
  3. 450-RICR-00-00-8 / Fire Safety Code Section 8 (RI Life Safety Code): click >>>here<<<
  4. 450-RICR-00-00-9 / Fire Safety Code Section 9 (RI Rehabilitation Code): click >>>here<<<
  5. 450-RICR-00-00-10 / Fire Safety Code Section 10 (RI Fire Alarm Code): click >>>here<<<

[Effective: 2018-MAR-12]


Here's what you'll find on the Fire Safety Code Board website:

  • Read about the Fire Safety Code
  • Meet the Fire Safety Code Board Commissioners and staff
  • Check our "Scheduled Hearings" page for upcoming appeal hearings and meetings
  • View the Rules and Regulations - this page is under construction. Use the above links to view the current code
  • View the Rhode Island fire statutes (General Laws)
  • Link to the Rehabilitation Building and Fire Code for Existing Buildings & Structures site (Rehab Code)
  • Interpretations - current formal interpretations and blanket variances can be found here
  • Decisions
  • Board contact information


We welcome the opportunity to provide you with this information and will update this site as the need arises.

If you should have any comments, questions or require additional information or assistance, please submit your request to us via the "Contact Us" tab.

W. Keith Burlingame, Esq.
Executive Director


Addition information and resources regarding fire safety issues in Rhode Island can be found on the RI Division of the State Fire Marshal >>>web site<<< or by telephone at 401-889-5555. Information regarding the inspection process for various occupancy types can be viewed >>>here<<<. The National Fire Protection Association [NFPA] >>>web site<<< is also a source of valuable fire safety information.

ARSON TIPLINE: 401-889-5490.

All National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes, including NFPA 1, NFPA 72 and NFPA 101 can be viewed at no cost on the NFPA >>>web site<<<. Additionally, all codes can be purchased online from the NFPA >>>Online Catalog<<< or by telephone at 800-344-3555.

A printed and electronic (CD) version of the 2017 - 2018 Rhode Island Fire Laws and Rules Annotated can be purchased from LexisNexis >>>online here<<< or by telephone at 877-461-8801. This publication contains all fire-related Rhode Island statutes, a complete copy of all rules & regulations, a complete copy of the Rehabilitation Building and Fire Code for Existing Buildings and Structures and all current Blanket Variances & Formal Interpretations.



A request for public records can be made in person at the Fire Safety Code Board headquarters between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, or by telephone, letter, fax or email. You can also submit your request using the >>> FSC Public Record Request Form<<<. This form is suggested, however not required, to request any public record maintained by the Board. If you choose not to provide any identifying or contact information, you must contact the Board's Public Records Officer to obtain a request number so that we may accurately respond to your request. See the >>>FSC Access to Public Records Regulations<<< for additional information.



Summer, 2018: All ongoing rulemaking for the adoption of the NFPA 2015 document editions is presently under review by the Department of Administration Office of Regulatory Reform. The effective date of any new regulations is undetermined at this time.




February 20, 2003 / Station Nightclub fire -- West Warwick, RI / 100 fatalities

"We Will Remember"


December 13, 1977 / Providence College Aquinas Hall fire -- Providence, RI / 10 fatalities


August 4, 1949 / Forest Fire - Gates of the Mountain, MT / 13 firefighter fatalities

August 9, 1965 / Titan II ICBM Silo – Searcy, AZ / 53 fatalities

August 10, 1955 / Gateway Restaurant - Andover, OH / 22 fatalities

August 23, 1959 / Warehouse - Rio De Janeiro, BRZ / 10 firefighter fatalities

August 25, 1974 / Washington House Hotel - Berkeley Springs, WV / 12 fatalities

August 31, 1968 / In Crowd Lounge - Gary, IN / 13 fatalities




National Fire Prevention Week

October 7 - 13, 2018

"Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware - fire can happen anywhere."




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